The Sun Will Rise

“Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love.” ~ Psalm 143:8

Don’t you love how everything seems brighter and more hopeful in the morning? No matter how much we might lay tossing and turning and worrying in the night, whatever nightmares or dark thoughts haunt us, morning often brings a new sense of hope and possibility. This past Saturday was all wind, clouds, and snow. Sunday morning, I awoke to the sun shining through the bitter cold and trees. It spoke to me, seemed to say, “Good morning, love, I’m here, and I always will be after the storm clouds clear. You can count on it.” Imagine rising each dawn since the beginning of time so that others might live? That is unfailing love.


This green orb did not want to go away, no matter what angle I held the camera. Some play of light that demanded to be seen.