The One Question to Ask if You’re Considering Divorce

One of my Facebook friends recently posted an article that essentially said if your partner/spouse isn't looking deeply into your eyes while painting your toenails and declaring that you're his soulmate, then you need to move on. I couldn't help but laugh. It was all I could do not to comment, "And we wonder why … Continue reading The One Question to Ask if You’re Considering Divorce

Has Feminism Ruined Marriage?

I had no intention ever of writing a post about feminism and marriage, but last week, while visiting my local library, I came across a book called The Proper Care & Feeding of Marriage by syndicated radio host and marriage counselor Dr. Laura Schlessinger. I’d heard things about Dr. Laura, things that didn’t align with … Continue reading Has Feminism Ruined Marriage?

Happily Ever After?

  Last month I did something that I could never, in my wildest dreams, have imagined doing: I officiated my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding ceremony. I didn’t realize doing this was even possible for an average person like me, but thanks to the Universal Life Church, I became an ordained minister simply by filling out … Continue reading Happily Ever After?