Have Doubts?


I cannot tell a lie (wait, wasn’t that George Washington who said that, after chopping down the cherry tree, not Ben Franklin?). Anyway, this quote was floating through my mind all week and I thought it was attributed to Oprah Winfrey, because that’s who I first heard it from. A Google search showed me otherwise. Yes folks, it was Benjamin Franklin, the guy who flew a kite with a key on it during a lightening storm, amongst other, er, unusual things. However, if it was good enough for Oprah to adhere to, it’s good enough for me. When in doubt, DON’T. This isn’t about whether or not you should take a risk or step outside of your comfort zone or push past fear or anything like that. It’s about if everything in you is saying, “This doesn’t feel right in any way” then don’t do it! Don’t even try to reason your way into it. Everything I have ever done that didn’t feel right, but I did it anyway, never worked out. Ever.