Pet Peeves

You know how bad things tend to happen in threes? I have a theory about this: Better to get them over with at once instead of having them spread out ruining your life at regular intervals. That’s how I’m going to vent about my pet peeves here. I’ve picked my top three and I’m unleashing them at once.

Pet Peeve # 1: Passive Aggressive People
Just stop! Say what you mean, mean what you say, and stop with the convoluted behaviors. I have a co-worker who, every time he’s about to criticize someone, prefaces it with, I hate to be negative but… No, you don’t hate to be negative. You revel in putting others down. But instead of being direct about it, you try to soften it with a preface and a fake I’m-really-a-nice-guy grin. I see through you. Then there’s my husband who, no matter how many times since I’ve been working from home and asked him, politely, to please communicate with me before he takes my car to work takes it anyway, without a word, leaving me stranded since I won’t drive his boat of a truck and he knows it. Just. Stop.

Pet Peeve # 2: People Who Think They’re Always Right
You are not always right. Let me say that again. You are not always right! No one is always right all of the time, every day of their life. No one! People like this bug me because they are not teachable. They don’t want to learn.  They just want to be right. Being right is the most important thing to them. More important than learning and growing and trying to see others’ perspectives. More important than having friends even, since no one likes a know-it-all who thinks they’re never wrong. Go away!

Pet Peeve # 3: Everyday Martyrs
We all know them. Maybe on occasion we’ve been one. But true everyday martyrs have mastered their roles. They could win an oscar with their long-suffering performances. Mothers and mothers-in-law are often the worst, or maybe it’s the best, martyrs. Cleaning up all the Thanksgiving dishes while everyone else lays around in a turkey stupor, banging and clanking pots and plates for attention, yet nobody hears or cares. Pretending it’s okay that their husband forgot their birthday, but spending the day sighing loudly in a woe-is-me way. Making sure everyone knows how hard they work, how much they do, and how unappreciated they are. Get over it! Ask for help with the dishes. Go buy yourself a birthday gift. Stop doing for everyone if it’s making you miserable. There is nothing to gain by being a martyr except negative attention that people, after a while, will completely ignore. 

There, I got that off my chest. Three pet peeves at once, so I’m not venting too much at regular intervals. I’m dying to know: What is your biggest pet peeve?