Avon Impulse Query Letter

Dear Avon Impulse Editor(s),

I am excited to submit to you my 75,000 word historical romance novel, Sweet Irish Kisses, book one in what I hope to call the Happily Ever Irish series. It is intended for Avon’s Impulse line. Set in Newport, Rhode Island in summer 1929, Sweet Irish Kisses tells the unlikely love story of a wealthy debutante and an Irish shipbuilder whose paths cross while she is on the run from an arranged marriage.

Since her mother’s death, Lara Carrington has walked on eggshells trying to please her aloof aristocrat father. But when he insists that she marry a family friend, the dutiful daughter turns renegade and runs. Her mad escape from the would-be fiancé lands her straight in the arms of Michael McCormick. Lara feels safe with the Irish shipbuilder, and convinces him to aid with her plan to escape the marriage. Hidden away in his cozy cottage near the harbor while she works out her plan, Lara is exposed to a new way of life, and to sides of herself she never knew existed. It’s not long before she finds herself wanting far more from Michael than temporary refuge and subterfuge.

Michael’s old-fashioned values, insofar as deflowering unmarried virgins go, and his prized self-control are slowly unraveling each moment he spends with Lara. Everything about her drives him closer to the edge; her luscious curves, sea green eyes, the lemony-spearmint scent that floats off her dark hair. But he especially admires her imagination, resourcefulness, and willingness to fight for her happiness – even if they do translate into a cockamamie scheme to escape the marriage. Michael knows damn well her plan won’t work, but against his will finds himself further entangled in it, and with Lara. Her sweet kisses and sensual side keep unfolding before him, which poses a problem, since a woman of her station can never be his wife.

Or can she? And if so, at what price to them both?

Highly sensual, at times erotic, Sweet Irish Kisses is not about forbidden love so much as seizing happiness and surrendering to fate. Lara and Michael’s strong sexual attraction evolves into deep, abiding love, and in the process they themselves evolve. Lara gains newfound independence through her willingness to buck societal expectations, eventually becoming a small business owner. Michael learns how to share his carefully constructed life with a woman, and to loosen the reins of his tightly wound self-control.

Sweet Irish Kisses is my first completed romance novel, and I am beyond excited to have accomplished such a feat. My decision to submit it to Avon’s Impulse line is three-fold: I love Avon Romance, especially historical; I appreciate that you accept un-agented manuscripts; and I believe that my story aligns with what Avon Impulse readers seek.

Thank you for your time, for your consideration of Sweet Irish Kisses, and for the opportunity to submit it to you. I hope to become part of the Avon family of authors, and to share my ideas for additional novels in this proposed series. To learn more about me, please visit my blog at www.kimgorman.com. I look forward to hearing from you.


Kim Gorman