Welcome to my world of moments. Here, I hope to inspire you to be more present in each moment of your life – whether the moment exists in joy or sorrow, pleasure or pain, laughter or tears, peace or anger, powerful insight or hard realization, and so on. Each moment is precious in its own way, each has a unique part in the story of our life.

The moments I share will be in one of these formats:

  1. Once Upon a Moment are 500-800 word true vignettes that portray life moments in story form.
  2. The Moment When… are collections of life lessons, realizations, insights, milestones, rites of passage, living history, etc. that occur through moments. These are brief and may be accompanied by a photo, video or quote.
  3. Imagine a Moment captures moments through photos or video. Sometimes I will add a caption or description, other times I will ask you, the reader, to use your imagination to create a caption or description. Note: I am not a photographer, and these photos will be taken with my iPhone camera, but I will do my best with the quality.

I welcome and invite you to share your thoughts and moments with me through the comments section.

A bit about me:

Maybe it was turning 50 in May of 2019 that made me start obsessing about the moments in my life. I suddenly felt a sense of urgency that I shouldn’t let them pass me by, as I have so many times before. The realization that time stops for no one, and the cliché that all we have is this moment, felt very real to me in a way they never had. My child sitting across from me at the breakfast table. My husband a few feet away watching TV. The sun warm on my face after a cold winter. Chopping vegetables while I listen to Dinner Party Radio on Pandora. These ordinary moments began to take on a new quality. It was as if my awareness of the present moment, and my senses in that moment, were suddenly heightened. I began to view everything though a somewhat surreal lens of “This moment is my life. It is precious. It will never come again. Rejoice in it.”

So I write and post photos about moments. Moments in time. Moments that make up a life. Magical moments. I want to tell stories through moments.

Kim Gorman is a higher education professional by day, a busy wife and mom, and a writer and blogger in the spaces in between.

Note: Posts from my previous, long-neglected blog, Writing to Heal, Grow, and Inspire, are still on this site.