A Rumi Mood

As I attempt to process the pain and chaos reigning in my country – over 100,000 citizens dead from COVID-19, near-record unemployment, relentless racial injustice, and as many different opinions about these things as there are people – I find myself drawn to Rumi to make sense of it all.  Doing so has helped me realize some things:








I no longer feel responsible for saving people from their own willful ignorance, or for educating them about things they don’t want to learn.  I will save my energy for people who want to learn, grow, and change.














I am in no position to change the world if I overlook my own internal biases, prejudices, and conditioning. Self-work, self-examination, and self-awareness are great tools to start this process. So is exposing myself to conversations and situations that might be uncomfortable.












I am done trying to make people understand, whether an alternate opinion or perspective, my feelings, decisions I or others make, etc. If after an exchange or two it’s apparent that they don’t, or won’t, understand, my next reply is silence.












Pain is where change begins. When we hurt, we want to heal. When we see others hurt, we want to help. Through the process of healing or helping, we awaken.






Life is short. Seize the day.


7 thoughts on “A Rumi Mood

  1. It reminds me of one thing I learned as a first aider – in any disaster situation the most important person to look after and keep safe is YOU. Otherwise you will not be able to help others.


  2. It is quite overwhelming with what is going now in the world and the US with COVID 19 and the racial injustice. The thing is that injustice and lack of equality were always there, and still present. And I guess some people are “comfortable” with that since it does not affect them directly. And maybe the ignorance is even a personal choice. Wise quotes from Rumi.

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  3. These are all such wise quotes. Worthwhile reading them and reminding ourselves when the world’s such a dark place at the moment. Change always starts within. 🙏


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