Open Your Sails and Fly with the Wind

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”
~John A. Shedd

Newport Harbor, Newport, Ri

When was the last time you really went for something? (And no,  hoarding toilet paper during a pandemic doesn’t count.) Seriously, though, what is it you want? What might be holding you back from going for it? Are the barriers you face real or imagined? Can you find a way around them?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and dreams.

4 thoughts on “Open Your Sails and Fly with the Wind

  1. This year I submitted a short story to CBC Short Story Prize. When I hit the submit button, I felt proud that I was able to finish a piece of writing that at least I considered was worth submitting. Obviously, it was not selected even to the top 32. Apparently, there are so many brilliant writers that they write for a living, and they are the ones in the top 32. It was my dream, but I do see that I can’t really compete with the professional writers.

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    • Svet, the fact that you submitted was incredibly brave and vulnerable. I’m so proud of you. I’ll bet you felt more confident and empowered after. I did after I submitted my romance novel to Harlequin. Think about how some people never hit the submit button, and keep their dream buried inside.

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  2. Aww Kim, your words hit home today. At the start of this crisis, when we all began the lockdown and were dreaming of things we could go for, I decided that now was the time to start my book. A book I’ve wanted to create for years, based on my blog. I’ve published stories and articles but this was the next big thing for me. I was so excited, so inspired, wrote an intro, began putting thoughts and even a few pages together and then suddenly the motivation dropped off. Any excuse and I’m outside away from my computer. I know I still want to do it, the dream’s still there, so why is it so hard?


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