25 thoughts on “Remember To Be Happy

      • Tell you the truth, Kim, I value contentedness moreso than happiness. The latter comes and goes; it’s quite ephemeral for most of us, I think. Whereas in contentedness, if you can latch onto it, figure out its secrets, then you’re not so bothered at all by the comings and goings of life and the ephemera of feelings, none of which we have much control over, anyway. It’s like a quieter, deeper kind of happiness, but it’s not a feeling alone. Know what I mean?

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    • Alan, I don’t know how I missed this! Except I have been away from home almost the entire month of May. So happy to see you’re back. Planning to return to blogging this weekend and will catch up on your site. Welcome back!

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    • Hi Ann. I keep trying to be back, but it’s been a rough couple of weeks. Prague was simply amazing – loved it! But unfortunately, my husband had an accident at work and was hospitalized and had to have surgery the last few days I was there. He was an absolute mess when I returned. As was my house because a new hardwood floor was put in the kitchen/dining area. So the table, chairs, refrigerator, etc. were shoved in the living room; washer, dryer, and dishwasher in driveway, and no hot water in kitchen sink. My husband was out of work for a bit, but slowly returning in between physical therapy and doctor appointments. But the worst is that my mother-in-law had a heart attack about 10 days after I returned, survived bypass surgery, ended up getting a blood clot, had more emergency surgery, and sadly passed away last week. We buried her yesterday. With all the stress and loss, my father-in-law hasn’t been monitoring his diabetes and ended up in the hospital on the day of her wake. It’s been so hard for the entire family. Sorry this is so long, but this is why I have been MIA in the blogging sphere. Thanks for checking in, Ann. I’ll start reading again very soon, then eventually write.

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      • Oh, my God, Kim! That sounds just horrible. I am so sorry for what you and your family has gone through in the past few weeks. I can’t begin to imagine how hard it has been for you all. Just do what you need to do, and please don’t give blogging a second thought. Your blogging friends will be here whenever you are ready to return. Meanwhile, please know I am keeping you and your entire family in my thoughts and prayers. I wish I could be there to give you a hug. But if you ever need to vent, send me an email, and I’m more than happy to listen (read.) Take care, my friend…..

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  1. I think I have to struggle with this each day lately and I’m not sure why. My life is pretty easy really. Is it something within me? I’m not sure. I keep feeling somewhere down the road will be happier…. And this only serves to make today harder.

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  2. Happiness is so important. ❀️ I’m struggling to stay happy, but I am trying every day. Its a constant back and forth conversation with myself about being happy. I have everything I could ever need right now , except the inner confidence, I guess. SighπŸ™„ Thanks for the reminder! πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you for sharing your struggle. I wonder sometimes if our struggle to be happy is a modern day phenomena. As our basic needs are met and we are trying to fulfill our higher-ordered needs, we lose sight of how the simple things in life and everyday moments can bring us the most joy.

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      • Reminds me of Psychology lesson I learned in high school: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. We must establish self happiness first before anything else at the top of the period. Thank you ☺️

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