Every Day Teaches Us Something New

i-am-strongWhat a topsy-turvy week this has been.( My blogging schedule – both for posting and reading others’ posts – is haywire because of it.) I found out this week I was duped by someone I trusted, big time. My first reaction was to blame myself, and to question how I could have been so stupid. Thankfully, three strong and wise women in my life reminded me that the responsibility lay with the other person, and that trusting a person and wanting to help is not a license for them to take advantage of you. One of the women texted me this photo quote to reinforce this notion, and also to remind me that life is full of lessons, some good, some not so good, but each one makes us stronger, smarter, and more resilient – if we can get past the  pain and blame. If it helps even one of you today, I’m glad to have shared it. If you’re a man reading this, just change the word “woman” to “man”. Have a terrific day!