Quotes From Literature

“Never panic or struggle if you’re stuck…If she hadn’t struggled, she might have lived.”

~Advice from Max Fleurent’s father after a local girl drowns while stuck under a dock in All Stories Are Love Stories, by Elizabeth Percer. I was struck by how these words can be applied figuratively to our lives. How many of us aren’t living life to the fullest because we’re too busy struggling against the tide?


Buddy stuck in a tree. No struggle or panic, just a quiet meow to let us know he was there. If you’re stuck in a tree, you might as well make the best of it and enjoy the view until you get out.

15 thoughts on “Quotes From Literature

  1. This reminds me of an amazing TED talk I just watched where the speaker talked about truths/pain/honesty and relationships. She had been a midwife at one point in her life. She said that this experience taught her a lot about life. The act of giving birth is sort of the same: When the going gets rough and the pain high, instead of fighting it, relax, breathe and don’t fight it. The best births happen when this is possible….

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    • My God, this is true. My youngest was 10 pounds and literally stuck! Delivery was taking so long that I almost lost it and starting screaming “get this thing out of me now!” But I forced myself to remain calm and breath. They had to break his right clavicle and literally yank him out to get him out. What a way for him to start his life! Thanks for reading and sharing. You sure brought some memories back.

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    • That’s what I loved about it, George, the many ways it could be viewed. I also like how you say we can’t see the view. It reminds me that getting unstuck requires problem solving, which sometimes requires thinking outside of the box. We can’t do that if we’re mired in struggle and not seeing past that. Thanks, George!

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  2. That’s an excellent point, Kim. Sometimes we are so busy fighting that we do get “stuck” in some very negative places. Calm acceptance doesn’t always come easily to me, but you’re right: when we stop struggling quite so hard, that’s often when we find out way forward! Thanks for this post, it has given me some things to think about…

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    • Ann, I like your phrase “calm acceptance”. I think it captures perfectly what I believe this quote is saying, which is that we’ll always find ourselves is difficult situations but if we take a calm approach grounded in problem solving rather than fighting what is we will likely have more success in overcoming it. Thanks for your comment and sorry it took so long for me to reply. Life has been crazy lately.

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    • Your comment made me think of when I was earning a master’s degree while working full time and managing a family. That was a huge struggle every day to try and stay balanced and sane. Part of how I managed was accepting I couldn’t do it all and letting go of what was leafy important (like a spotless house). So I agree sometimes struggle is necessary but it never helps to fight what is, but rather find a way to manage it. Thanks, Sheryl!


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