Hanging Chads and Election Silliness

With another U.S. presidential election only days away, I thought it might be fun to bring a new definition to the term “hanging chad”. Remember those from the 2000 presidential election between George Bush and Al Gore? Officials were trying to determine if the partially punched out holes on some ballets were votes or not. Some chads were hanging, others were pregnant, and America and the world were shaking their heads. Ultimately, the Supreme Court made the final decision, which goes to show you that Mark Twain’s quote, “If voting mattered they wouldn’t let you do it” is spot on. I hope you get a chuckle, and may we all survive this year’s election. PEACE!


12 thoughts on “Hanging Chads and Election Silliness

  1. I’ve been watching the election developments with fascination over here in England, Kim, as I think most have. It really has been quite an extraordinary spectacle; it’s almost as if no one wants either candidate to win – including the two main candidates themselves, judging by the number the number of shots they’re taking at their own feet!

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  2. A great post Kim.
    And I think you’re right.
    Whichever candidate wins,
    you’re in for a a rough four years.😕
    How on earth did the election end
    up between those two? 😟

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