14 thoughts on “Dream Or Reality?

    • Glad you like it, George! I only came across it for the first time yesterday, when a student shared a favorite quote that happened to be from the Mad Hatter. Which got me looking again at Alice In Wonderland quotes. I love it, and there are so many good quotes from the book, which I’ve never read.

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  1. Sometimes dreams are so vivid that they do seem to be real. Have you ever had one of those dreams where you aren’t in it, just watching the action unfold around you? When I have those, I do wonder if that’s some sort of parallel universe that I’ve been allowed to glimpse.

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    • I’m trying to remember if I have, but I can’t recall. I do remember when I was little I would often dream that I was flying around my house in the middle of the night about a foot off the ground and it felt so real! The other night I dreamed my husband and I had another baby-thank God that wasn’t reality at our ages!😊

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    • Finally, I got your comment on here, Alan! I have never read this book. I thought I was an avid reader, but more and more I’m realizing that there are so many books I have yet to read. Maybe heaven is lying on a beach (or in a meadow or wherever your happy place is) and reading everything you’ve ever wanted to read.

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