Flash Fiction Challenge – JFK asked me…

A giant THANK YOU to fellow blogger and poet AJ O’Brien of Monochrome nightmares for encouraging me to share this piece of Flash Fiction with you. AJ has given me a couple of FF prompts to play around with recently, and the one below is my latest creation. His rules were to begin the piece with the prompt he gave, write an exactly 50 word short story, and give it a title. It is so much fun to play with story like this, and I greatly appreciate AJ’s spirit of challenging and supporting me as a writer. I want to spread the love by inviting you to try your hand at Flash Fiction. Feel free to post your own story as a comment, or on your blog with a link to it in the comments, using the rules above. Begin it with the following prompt (courtesy of AJ, whose own flash fiction can be found here):

Prompt: JFK asked me…

Rewriting History
by Kim Gorman

“JFK asked me to get Marilyn to sing at his birthday gala.”

“You’ve got to be shitting me.”

“I know, it’s insane, but he’s pissed at Jackie, wants to stick it to her.”

“Now what?”

“She’s skipping the gala. Said she’d rather be riding horses than celebrating a cheating ass.”

In case you don’t know the history behind the JFK birthday gala, it’s said that when Jackie Kennedy found out that Marilyn Monroe would be singing Happy Birthday to her husband at his 45th celebration, she decided to skip it and take part in a horse show instead. Rumor had it that JFK and Marilyn were lovers, and Jackie was furious and insulted that the actress was invited to the gala.

So, are you ready to give Flash Fiction a try? What did JFK ask you?

12 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge – JFK asked me…

  1. JFK asked me…
    Flash fiction.
    50 words.
    By AJ O’Brien.

    JFK asked me to find and
    eliminate a man by the name of
    Lee Harvey Oswald.
    I was told he lived in Texas.
    And that was all.
    Texas is big.
    I spent two days and nights
    trying to track this man down.
    I couldn’t find him.
    Not in time anyway.

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  2. Thank you Kim.
    I was worried about putting
    this on your site.
    It was my prompt after all.
    I was hoping it might give other bloggers
    encouragement to give it a try.
    And I mean you Ann. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katherin, I’m glad you liked it and got a laugh. If only this version of history were true. He’d still be a cheating ass, but at least she would have slightly had the upper hand on this one. I cannot imagine how awful it was to be married to a chronic philanderer, and the President at that. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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