9 thoughts on “Light and Shadow

    • I almost didn’t buy it. I left the bookseller and roamed around, then went back. I tried to negotiate the price down but the guy was having none of that. I reasoned it made no sense to buy a book I’d likely never be able to read. In the end I knew I’d kick myself if I left Rome without it. Thanks for reading, by the way!

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  1. I asked my brother to translate since he speaks Italian but it was difficult to read because the writing was so light. He didn’t think it was Italian but his best guess is that they might be names, though he couldn’t make out the word on the right.
    Maybe someone who has it in front of them can translate. Please let me own if you find out.

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    • Thank you for your efforts, George. My mother also didn’t think it was Italian. Intetesting. Maybe I’ll bring it to work at some point. My boss speaks three languages and has traveled the world so she may know.

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