When the Student Becomes the Teacher

One of the things I love best about working in education is that every day I learn something from and/or am inspired by my students. This week I was inspired by a former student. She graduated college a couple of years ago and has been hustling ever since to find well-paying, meaningful work in the marketing field in New York City. This young woman is a super resourceful, hard-working person, but was feeling frustrated by the low pay of entry level jobs, which made it tough to live in NYC and still eat and have a social life.

The other day she shared on Facebook that she woke up that morning, rolled over and, feeling hopeless, said out loud, “God, give me what you’ve promised me. I don’t want to wait even one more day.” I don’t know what He promised her, but that very day she received a generous job offer from her top choice company. I was so inspired by reading her post that I carried the feeling with me all day. It reminded me of how important it is to ask and have faith that you shall receive.

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