Woman With Cottage Cheese Thighs

One woman’s two perspectives on cellulite.

Perspective One: As recorded in a journal entry on 3-13-2012

Dents, everywhere, and ripples. If I take my hands and smooth them along the surface of my skin, pull upward ever so slightly, they disappear entirely. For a moment I can imagine that it could be so easy, should be so easy, to make them go away. It’s just a micro-movement, after all. Then I release, and it all comes back, my worst nightmare. I have become what I feared the most, what I secretly believed I never would be – a woman with cottage cheese thighs.

Perspective Two: Included in a creative non-fiction piece detailing the hospital stay after giving birth to a 10 pound infant and almost needing a blood transfusion.

That night I was taken off the IV temporarily and given permission to shower. The steam and my light-headedness combined to give the experience a surreal quality. I reveled in the sensation of the hot water and soap floating over my skin. As I looked down at my once-firm thighs, now heavy and covered with cellulite that I wasn’t convinced could be exercised away, I couldn’t help but marvel at the miracle that was my body. For nine months it had grown a human being inside of it, and then worked hard to bring him into the world. I felt amazing and powerful, like a warrior goddess.

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