Woman With Cottage Cheese Thighs

One woman's two perspectives on cellulite. Perspective One: As recorded in a journal entry on 3-13-2012 Dents, everywhere, and ripples. If I take my hands and smooth them along the surface of my skin, pull upward ever so slightly, they disappear entirely. For a moment I can imagine that it could be so easy, should be … Continue reading Woman With Cottage Cheese Thighs

The Devil Disguised As Fear

"What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?" ~ Erin Hanson Sometimes it’s a nagging sensation of unease in my belly.  Other times it flat out wakes me in the middle of the night from a sound sleep and won’t let me rest. It makes me do crazy things, like fight with my husband … Continue reading The Devil Disguised As Fear

The Horror and Ecstasy of Facing Yourself on the Page

"Ecstasy is a glimpse of the infinite; horror is full disclosure." ~Kirk J. Schneider Lately I’ve been doing something that’s sending shivers of horror and ecstasy through my mind – rereading old journals. This isn’t the first time I’ve flipped through them since I started journaling. It is, however, the first time I’ve committed to reading every word … Continue reading The Horror and Ecstasy of Facing Yourself on the Page