Saggy Eyes with Dark Circles

You know you’re getting old when your eight year old son greets you in the morning with, “Mom, your eyes are saggy and dark.”

My husband told me later that he overheard the comment while in the kitchen and was trying really hard not to laugh.

My son, bless his little heart, said this to me as a mere observation, no malice intended.

I’m from the Northeast section of the U.S., but I’ve heard that Southerners use the phrase “bless his little heart” to make passive aggressive digs at people. This is exactly how I just used the phrase toward my son, poor little guy (there, I did it again).

To be fair to me, I think I’m suffering from fall allergies, possibly triggered by having to turn on the heat, which in turn blows dust into the air. My eyes have been super itchy lately. Also, I haven’t been sleeping well. Perhaps some Benadryl is in order to take care of both problems.

Still, there’s that whole aging thing going on, which I can’t deny.

I read in a book that if you take four fingers from each hand and pat the tips lightly along the bottom of your bags it helps them to go away. I’m going to try it, even though the book was fiction.

There’s also concealer, thank God, though I recently learned that you need to dab it just below your bags rather than directly on them, or else it highlights the problem instead of reducing it. I can attest that the change in location does the job.

Estee Lauder sells an amazing eye serum that works wonders, but it costs a small fortune, which is why I didn’t buy more when I ran out. I suppose if I consider the cost an investment in myself rather than a needless extravagance I can justify it.

At any rate, if saggy eyes with dark circles are amongst the worst of my problems, then I am indeed blessed.


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