Making Change: Sometimes It Helps to Start Small

Many times when we think of making changes mid-life, we consider them on a grand scale. Quitting an unfulfilling job to pursue a dream career, ending relationships that no longer satisfy us, and moving to a new city, state or country are examples of this. Often overlooked are the ways in which we can begin … Continue reading Making Change: Sometimes It Helps to Start Small

Don Draper’s Midlife Spiritual Awakening

The long-running AMC series Mad Men came to an end Sunday night with its leading character, Don Draper, having a spiritual awakening while in the midst of a midlife meltdown. It was an unexpected, though not altogether surprising, twist for the chronic adulterer, alcoholic, and creative genius who’d finally hit rock bottom. In spite of, … Continue reading Don Draper’s Midlife Spiritual Awakening

Thank You, Ma’am

If you’re a woman of a certain age, you probably remember the first time someone called you “ma’am”. Maybe you can’t recall the exact date, time, location or culprit, but you do remember the feeling. Suddenly you were aware that you’d officially crossed over from the youthful world of “miss” to the more sedate land … Continue reading Thank You, Ma’am